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A Case Study

Capital New York

Technology Partnership

A consulting company looking for a simple solution and finding a technology partner

Capital New York, a financial industry consulting company, was having issues with their conference rooms and needed a technology partner they could trust. Steve Newton, Capital’s Senior Analyst for IT, describes their frustrating situation: “Not only were there audio, programming and video distribution issues, but our vendor had stopped responding to any questions and complaints.” Steve began to look for a better audio visual resource and found Profound Technologies.

Profound’s Project Manager Gabe Gonzalez wanted to provide Steve with a superior training room experience. “Steve was hoping to utilize as much of Capital’s current equipment as he could, but his priority was to get the system back up and functioning.”

From the beginning of the project Profound’s team of engineers discovered that they needed to reprogram the system because it was not configured properly. The room needed to be finished within three weeks because Capital had to use it for training. Profound exceeded their expectations and finished the project in just two weeks.

Steve was very happy with the work Profound provided and the relationship between the two companies continues to thrive. Gabe explains: “Not only am I proud of the finished product, but I think this shows Profound’s trusted customer service and teamwork. I established a great relationship with Steve and my team backed me up on all the promises I made.”

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A Simple Conversation

LCA Partners

NYC based theatrical marketing company

staging a solution to show off their content

LCA Partners faced a major inconvenience when it came to web conferencing. This theatrical marketing company created advertising videos for Broadway shows and needed a fluid way of bringing customers in and showing their services and capabilities.

LCA’s parent company CMP (Comm Media Partners) had previously worked with an audio visual specialist they trusted with critical projects. Based off of Profound Technologies’ previous success, CMP was eager to recommend them for the job. Profound was tasked with completing LCA’s new web conferencing project and provided the advertising firm with a new conference room that seamlessly integrated all of the different systems including microphones, speakers, television, and camera. They also installed an impressive 14’x4’ video wall in the lobby, to engage their clients with visuals as they walk through the door.

Brett Fisher, Profound’s CTO, explains their solutions: “One of the most essential aspects of a conference room is the touch panel; it turns on the display, controls the pan-tilt-zoom of the camera, and is extremely easy to use. We installed a high-quality sound system with mics built into the tables with precision pickup as well as high-end speakers, resulting in clear audio and no feedback.” Profound’s expertise in programming Crestron control systems and touch panels led LCA to the exact conference room functionality they needed.

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A Simple Conversation


Innovative Technology, Innovative Design

Simply blending your technology to your lifestyle

Technology today is so delightful and easy to use because of the effect design has on the user experience. Profound Technologies’ Creative Director Corey Geiser says that a passionate need for clean design sets his company apart in the industry and feeds their success. “Design is a way to bring a coherent order to our modern complications in order to achieve a user experience that becomes second nature.”

In the early 2000’s, touch panels were just used for function and design was an afterthought. Corey recently had a customer who was stuck in the old ways of graphic design: “He believed the technology and methods from the early 2000’s were still cutting- edge. I challenged him with examples of what we are doing at Profound and the focus on sophistication and appearance in the industry. It finally clicked that the best and most effective designs threw out all the busyness and kept the necessities.”

The goal of Profound’s user interface is to not just reduce the distraction, but to lead the user to their final destination in two or three clicks while giving them a tether to get back home. Corey describes the ideal experience: “Smart systems need to be extensions of ourselves, working so well that it becomes almost miraculous. It should leave a person wondering how they ever lived without this technology. This is the mission of Profound Technologies.”

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A Simple Conversation



Supporting our military at the highest levels

When the Pentagon needed to update their conference room technology, they entrusted Profound Technologies to deliver the right solution. Don Hirtley, a project manager for Profound, described a specific teleconference room in the Pentagon as “in desperate need of an upgrade.” One of the four-star generals used the outdated room weekly for high-level calls and meetings, but the system had low resolution and would often stop working, causing many communication problems.

Profound was sought out for this project because of the successful work they had done for the Air Force previously. With their subject matter expertise, simple user interface, and smooth running system, they provided the best solution for the job. They also refreshed the room with new speakers, microphones, and digital switching systems.

The successful project resulted in a continued relationship between the Pentagon and Profound Technologies, including managed services. Don says “Profound will support any issue to make sure the system is working according to their standards of high-quality equipment and easy use, especially within government organizations.

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A Simple Conversation


Medical University Collaboration Mishaps

Finding a healthy solution for their medical classrooms

One of the top medical universities in California required improvements to a presentation and multimedia room system, specifically in their radiology department. These rooms were used for classroom presentations and audio video communications between doctors located at different sites, yet the university lacked effective utilization of classroom collaboration and communications.

After the university initially received faulty services from a local company, IT firm avPlus recommended the help of Profound Technologies. As Profound’s agent partner, avPlus benefited from this decision as they could provide audio visual resources through Profound that go beyond their IT support capabilities.

Jeff Kaufman, account executive for Profound Technologies, claims: “One of Profound’s core competencies is design. Profound was able to see the mishaps of the previous team, fix the issues, and complete the installation in only a couple of days.” Profound has helped the radiology department at the university obtain the proper engineering they needed and create the perfect design that they had in mind. Profound’s simple to use interface and touch panel made the new conference room more effectual for the department. The university is very satisfied with results of Profound’s work and plans to continue doing business with them in the future.

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A Simple Conversation


Enterprise Conference Rooms

A large customer, simple solution, and ongoing relationship

CMP, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, called on Profound Technologies to help reconfigure their New York City office space. Jason Clements, director of infrastructure for CMP, describes the project. “We were reorganizing our internal operations and were faced with the challenge of merging our several subsidiary organizations to a shared, more cohesive office, while continuing to use their own technologies.”

“Profound’s goal was to provide CMP with simple and easy to use meeting room technology that united all of the sub-companies using their own systems,” Account Executive Trevor Depp explains. “We are unique because of our extensive knowledge in programming and high focus on functionality.” CMP recognized immediately that Profound valued their user satisfaction as well as completing the project in a timely manner.

With excellent project management and sharp expertise, Profound created nine integrated conference suites and twenty huddle rooms on CMP’s four floors within three short weeks—on time and under budget! The new system was so simple to use that their employees could quickly understand it. CMP was very satisfied with the completed project and how it transformed their user experience from stressful to seamless. To date, they continue to choose Profound for service and projects all over the country.

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