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Experience a conference meeting without the technology frustrations! Profound is able to integrate the various systems of your conference room so that the complex technology works together seamlessly and the user experience is simple. Through our intuitive user interface, you can control the room and video conferencing features all in one touch.

Sometimes your equipment can work better with some proper time, attention or minor technology additions. Profound can come, evaluate your existing system, and see how you can extend the useful life of your system(s). With our upgrades, we can refresh the system and bring in the appropriate new technologies to maximize the life of your technology investment.

Customer support is our top priority! We provide our customers with a managed services agreement so that our experienced team can be at the ready for questions, maintenance, and support. Feel at ease knowing that central management and monitoring are available as a resource to you and your system.

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Building your own room couldn’t be simpler with our online engineering tool that will guide you through a headache free three step process. Keep in mind that you can build as many rooms as you like. Just add the current room you are working on to the list and you’ll be ready to create another. You can track all of your rooms on the right side inventory bar and can jump around each room simply by clicking on them if you wish to review and/or make changes. Once each room is complete, you can see our suggestions for a room package at the bottom. Once satisfied with your total build, press “Buy Now” for a final review of your system.

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And we’ve only just begun

Profound has the expertise to provide your organization with the best video conferencing solution, including information assurance and proper security protocol. We understand the design,documentation, and implementation of red/black network designs. Your privacy and security is important and your technology should ensure that in your meetings.

When managing a large network operations environment, you need the ability to control all of the technology in the room from one central location. Profound’s intuitive touch panel display helps manage the AV technology for organizations within the local, state, and national government. We will provide mission-critical operation support and help make the complexity of your Network Operations Center reliable and intuitive.

We have been audio visual integration and programming experts for over fifteen years. Our technology is present in some of the most high profile and security-minded facilities in the country. Choose a technology partner like Profound Technologies who is experienced and reliable.

With our managed services agreement, we provide our customers with our certified and experienced team, ready with maintenance and support. Our experience includes support of large scale government network operations centers, educational environments, and Fortune 500 organizations. Our priority is reliable support and customer satisfaction.

Proudly Assisting Those Who Serve Us

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And we’ve only just begun

Increase the quality of your home entertainment with whole house audio/video, allowing you to seamlessly enjoy music in every room and stream movies across multiple screens! With Profound’s home audio/video system, we provide you with crystal clear audio and high-definition video throughout your home. Our intuitive user interface provides one-touch control over the system and allows you to spend more time relaxing than worrying about technology frustrations.

For the best combination of speed, security, performance, and peace of mind, invest in an enterprise network for your home. Because of the size of larger residential estates, normal router and networking options are often insufficient at offering quality signal and secure internet. When Profound implements an enterprise network, our team engineers the system to ensure it meets the needs of your specific home environment, including the various devices and associated requirements, so that you get the highest quality and strongest network reliability.

Our lighting control systems allow you to control a wide variety of the lights in your home using intelligent switch communication. Set up an automated schedule for your lights to increase security, energy savings, and your own peace of mind. Profound’s state-of-the-art lighting control systems are specifically designed for your high-end home, driving our aim to make your technology (and life) simpler.

Take your movie nights to the next level as you experience the thrill of your very own home theater! Profound’s package of cutting-edge technology merges entertainment and luxury through surround sound, impressive displays, and intelligent lighting control. Our goal is to take this complex technology and blend it naturally into your home and lifestyle so that you and your family can find your theater simple, enjoyable, and relaxing.

Profound understands that safety is a concern for you and your home, and we want you to have the peace of mind that comes with a high-end camera system. We provide surveillance cameras and a smart system to help guard what is most important to you. Our system is enterprise-grade, reliable, simple to manage, and increases your home’s protection.

With video analytics, you can use the latest in AI to review and send alarms based on your video feeds, which will add another level to the value of your surveillance system. With this extra security measure, you can analyze live or recorded video, through a central monitoring station, to assist you in managing the security of your property. There are several ways to utilize video analytics, including applications like people counting and license plate recognition.

We provide our customers with a high availability managed services agreement so that our experienced team can support you and your technology into the future. With our white glove customer support and onsite emergency and regular maintenance support, we are ready to address your issues and questions. Our team will also receive a notification of any problem with your system and can fix the issues remotely or notify you before you even notice that anything is wrong!

And we’ve only just begun

Zoom Zoom Certified

As one of two Zoom Gold Certified Integrators in the nation, Profound Technologies is an expert in Zoom Room integration in various meeting room types. We provide national service coverage for design and physical onsite implementation support for Zoom environments. While we provide basic and ProAV room systems, we also offer managed services for onsite and remote support when issues arise.

Profound handles Zoom implementation concerns for meeting rooms from boardrooms to huddle rooms to training rooms. We help end users make the transition to Zoom by maximizing their Zoom experience while reducing the complexity in the meeting environment. To learn more about our work with Zoom and how to connect with us, take a look at our Zoom page.

Microsoft Teams

Profound Technologies partners with Microsoft to implement Microsoft Teams into conference rooms and other collaboration spaces. We are a certified integrator with expertise in providing a native Teams experience to meeting rooms. From design to installation to support, Profound Technologies integrates basic and ProAV room systems with Teams. We provide national support for SMB and Enterprise customers that need the proper project management and site support to roll out larger Teams deployments.

No matter the room size, Profound helps provide a standard Teams environment across your organization’s campus so each room has your familiar video conferencing experience For more information and to get started, click here.

Microsoft Teams

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Our Products

Technologies we support

Crestron Extron Christie Digital Projection Barco Cisco Microsoft Teams Zoom Poly Logitech

Crestron is a world leader for technology innovation, taking automation and control systems to transform the way people live and work. Their products include control systems, lighting control, AV distribution, and home security. Their various solutions streamline technology to make life easier and simpler in conference rooms, classrooms, homes, and much more.

Extron specializes in advanced control and audio visual switching systems. Their solutions are transforming corporate, educational, medical, and personal environments, making life, learning, and work a simpler and more enjoyable experience. Extron prioritizes streamlined communication and enhanced learning, evidenced in their conference room and educational technology.

Known for their innovative projection, Christie offers solutions for entertainment and corporate industries. Their work in digital projection paved the way to the modern movie theater experience. They strive to provide their customers with a high quality collaboration experience.

Digital Projection specializes in high-performance projection systems, providing their customers with impressive and immersive visuals. As industry leaders, their technology has spread to corporate, entertainment, education, healthcare, and personal spaces. They work to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for their customers and end users.

Barco is known for their impressive displays and meaningful collaboration. Their goal is to bring experiences to life, delivering bright and innovative solutions to their customers. Some of their popular products include video walls, wireless collaboration, and projectors.

Cisco is committed to quality collaboration and network technology, seen in multiple industries and homes. They provide IT solutions to better the security and speed of your network, making your work and living environment more convenient and simple. Their reliable networks have transformed the world of IT, from the individual customer to the enterprise corporation.

As one of the world technology leaders, Microsoft has produced yet another platform to impact business collaboration and productivity. Microsoft Teams is a communication platform known for video conferencing, workspace chat, and its seamless integration with the Microsoft Suite. Through Teams, Microsoft has not only transformed how people interact with technology, but how they work, play, plan, and learn.

Zoom is one of the world’s top video conferencing platforms with over 300 million daily participants in their virtual meeting rooms. This collaboration platform helps users communicate virtually in their business, learning, and personal lives. Whether in person or remote, Zoom allows users to get more done and stay connected.

Poly produces conferencing solutions and technology packages to help people do their business anywhere. From the office to your home desk, Poly provides users with the quality equipment needed to look and sound professional in their video conferences and audio communication.

Logitech is known for their product design and development, providing experiences that have an impact on everyday life. Whether at home, at work, or working from home, Logitech provides technology packages to streamline productivity and communication, partnering with platforms like Zoom and Teams to bring a consistent user experience.

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First Step is how we describe the very first engagement with our customers. Here we focus on gathering the vital details so we can provide a level of support and begin determining a solution.
Project Management is a critical but often overlooked service in many projects. At our company, we avoid this oversight by assigning a project manager to each project. Our project managers plan and coordinate each phase of the project and interface between all parties, from the builder to the supply house to the customer. They also ensure that outstanding attention to detail is followed on each and every project, no matter the size.
Audio Visual, Audio System and Control System Programming is a critical part of the overall project and is a core competency at Profound. We have programmed thousands of audio visual systems.
We take our projects through an Industry Standard testing and commissioning process before we hand over to our customers.
Day two support is a necessary component for proper technology maintenance. We offer flexible support programs that provide phone, remote, and emergency support.

Custom Solutions

LED Video Walls
Lighting Control Systems
Sound Masking
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Technology Refresh - Resi Version
Technology Refresh - Commercial Version
LED Video Walls

Capture attention and interest at first sight. Integrate a video wall experience into your space and create the clean and bright image quality to make your viewer’s experience all the more inspiring.

We provide pre-engineered solutions that can be customized to your environment. This means that you can do anything from a basic 2x2 layout up to a 4x4 video wall system, or larger! With each system type, you have the ability to customize the size of bezel, resolution, sources, interactivity, etc.

Lighting Control Systems

Our lighting control systems allow you to control a wide variety of the lighting in your home or commercial space using intelligent lighting systems. Create an automated schedule for your lights to increase security, energy savings, and your own peace of mind. Profound’s state-of-the-art lighting control systems are specifically designed for your environment, driving our aim to make your technology (and life) simpler.

Sound Masking

With a sound masking system, you can decrease the level of noise in your space and provide a better working environment. While this system is successful in hiding invasive speech and creating privacy, it can be shutdown in order to clearly hear alarms and emergency announcements in dire situations. By installing this system, Profound is able to cooperate with your alarm company to integrate your fire alarm technology with your sound masking system to protect both your safety and privacy.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

In today’s world of connection and communication, multi-purpose rooms have become more prominent in organizations, from universities to large offices to worship centers. Multi-purpose rooms encourage more flexibility in collaboration and utilize a variety of audio visual equipment to meet different user needs. With limited space, you want the options and availability to use such rooms for your organization’s various activities and events.

Technology Refresh - Resi Version

Sometimes your home technology can work better with some proper time, attention, or minor equipment additions. Profound can come to evaluate your existing home automation system and see how you can extend its useful life. With our upgrades, we can refresh the system and bring in the appropriate new technologies to maximize the life of your technology investment.

Technology Refresh - Commercial Version

Sometimes your technology can work better with some proper time, attention, or minor equipment additions. Profound can come to evaluate your existing system and see how you can extend its useful life. With our upgrades, we can refresh the system and bring in the appropriate new technologies to maximize the life of your technology investment.

Let us solve your needs

The best adventures have unexpected outcomes

When technology is properly designed and implemented it makes way for a successful and enjoyable experience. This is why Profound works to develop a “technology partner” relationship with its clients. Whether collaboration, automation, or integration, we endeavor specific solutions for each client’s needs and focus relentlessly to provide top technologies with an easy-to-use customer experience: Profound. Simple.

From the beginning, Profound Technologies’ founders have been passionate about customer experience and complex technology made simple and easy to use. Profound is a technology integration company that provides engineered solutions, implementation, and managed services to the world’s largest and most cutting-edge technology environments. With programming, design, engineering, and installation provided in-house, we offer our clients standardized and custom solutions specific to their technology needs.


Profound Beginnings

Taking their AV expertise and dedicated resolve, Bradd and Brett Fisher started their own programming company. Because of their years in the industry, they had already developed quality relationships and had their first project right away. They spent two months on site at Casa Encantada as the programming firm for the whole home.

2002 - 2008

Making a Name

Provides custom audio visual (AV) programming to the largest systems integration companies in the AV industry via our sister company.



Profound Technologies incorporated. Focused on creating meaningful relationships with our customers, we set out to establish a concept called ‘Technology Partnership’.


Make it Simple

Hired to consult on large format AV infrastructure design-build in Ohio. This contract validated our offering in the marketplace. We believe in offering top technologies with elegant user interfaces. We begin to describe this value as "Profound-Simple".


Reliably Reliable

Signs multi-year technology infrastructure contract in California. As the systems and requirements become more complex we come to realize how our commitment to engineering and design allows us to execute and repeat our delivery model, and repeatedly provide successful outcomes to our customers.


On the Grow

Hires additional engineers and project management for the PA office, significantly increasing the staff size. As the growth continues, we invest in process and improvement via human capital and system improvements.


Planning for the Future

Acquires California based system's integration company. Our business plan develops as we begin the process of forming new offices in different areas in the country.


New Opportunities

Enters multi-year relationship with large, Philadelphia area hospital. We experience new opportunities and referrals from Profound Authorized Partner Program.

2013 - 2014

Profound Goes to Washington

Finalizes agreement with Government Contractor to perform custom audio visual systems for mobile network operations centers for local law enforcement and military. We started supporting many of our customers by simplifying otherwise complex programming requirements. At this point, we noticed customers increasingly asking us to take over the full design-build of the technology systems.


Top Secret

Completes extensive top secret conferencing suite in the US Pentagon. After years of supporting multiple Government Prime contractors we are sole sourced a large project at the US Pentagon. We were delighted to support such a high profile meeting environment.


East Coast Upgrade

Pennsylvania office moves to a new office location to meet the need for additional warehousing and staff members. Before moving we were getting fatigued by boxes everywhere because we had more growth than our office warehouse could support.


Healthy Opportunities

Signs partner relationship with a large publicly traded IT Infrastructure Company to perform advanced collaboration rooms for a New York area hospital network. This felt good. We ended up being approved by the President of this publicly traded company, and since then we have completed millions of dollars in project work together.


Fortune Favors the Bold

Begins support for Fortune 500 Consulting Company with audio visual design-build services and support for mission critical conferencing rooms. This extended to both civilian and government presentation rooms and has been a wonderful relationship.

2017 - 2018

Moving Day

Pennsylvania office purchases a new office building with an immediate plan for building expansion. One day we saw a "for sale" sign and thought it might be a good idea to see if it would work. It did!


West Coast Upgrade

California office moves to a new office location to provide increased space for continued growth. The office experiences thrived and now we have a much more convenient location to serve our valued customers.


Preparing for a New Decade

Continued growth and investment in providing top technologies to our valued customers and industry partners. We believe that we would be nothing without the genuine technology partnerships we experience with our valued customers and industry partners.


After a tough year through the pandemic, 2021 has brought new business, new products, and a 20th anniversary to celebrate! Thank you to all of our customers who have made these last 20 years possible!

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As a COSTARS-34 Contract Supplier, Profound Technologies is authorized to sell audio visual solutions to Pennsylvania state and local government agencies. COSTARS was established as a resource for PA government organizations and local vendors to do business with each other. As a Supplier, we simplify the buying process for government customers who seek AV services and equipment from a variety of top manufacturers.

To learn more about our COSTARS program, click here.


We created our Agent Partnership Program to further educate, thank, and grow relationships with our partners. Many of our Agent Partners see that their customers have a need for AV solutions that they cannot provide in their usual business offerings. By bringing us in as a trusted Partner, we offer our broad range of services from programming and design to engineering and installation, and grant our Agents a commission after completed projects.

By joining our Agent Partnership Program, partners of various industries can also participate in our incentives, gifts, events, newsletters, and educational opportunities. We desire to grow in a mutually rewarding relationship as we work referrals together and continually show our partners our sincere appreciation.

Interested in becoming an Agent Partner? Contact Darla Zang at to get started.


Profound Opportunities

At Profound Technologies we value the opportunity to add young talented professionals to our team! In our Internship Program, we hire interns for various departments, from programming to business development. Throughout the summer, the interns work closely with their supervisors to meaningfully contribute to the department's goals while having space to creatively take initiative in their projects. Other features of the Internship Program include educational speaker sessions by the owners, fun events like bowling and barbecues, and presentations at the end of the summer to show off a job well done.

To learn more about current internship position and updates, please contact Darla Zang at

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Profound Insights

A 20+ year perspective into the industry that we can't wait to share with you!

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What does Technology Partner mean?

A Technology Partner is someone you trust as your advisor to represent your best interest. Profound will take the time to understand your particular situation and needs. If you think that working with us is best for you, we will introduce our relevant experience and ensure you receive the technology solutions that meet your needs. By working together, we prioritize communication, trust, and a win-win mentality in our business relationships, all done by a partner you can trust.

Why are Managed Services important for your meeting and collaboration rooms?

Maintenance of technology assets is of utmost importance. It is important to have a certain service level agreement (SLA) to plan around. You deserve the resource of a committed and experienced support team if/when technology issues arise in your rooms. You don’t want the potential downtime and stalls to hinder your company’s productivity. With our phone, remote, and on-site support available, you can resolve issues in real time and get your system back up for your next meeting as soon as possible. Read more about our managed services here.

How do I start working with Profound?

We would love to hear your inquiry and help you in your A/V projects and equipment orders! Begin the process with our free consultation and get in touch with one of our Account Executives. Give us a call OR Contact Us

What does it mean to be in Profound’s Agent Partnership Program?

For select IT companies, Profound offers the ability to become an Authorized Agent. This Agent relationship permits a company to represent Profound solutions to the marketplace. Many of our Agent Partners do not offer audiovisual solutions, and before partnering with us they lacked the complete offerings to address potential audio visual projects. When our Agents bring us into their opportunities, we help offer their customers additional AV services, complete the project, and enumerate our Agents financially. To hear more about our Agent Partnership Program, give us a call!

What are Profound’s references and capabilities?

If you want to see some of our past projects, please reference our case studies, references, and capabilities here. We share this information to help you decide if Profound Technologies is the right technology partner for you.

Does Profound support national and international work?

Yes, give us a call!

Can Profound support existing systems?

Yes, we support existing systems. The complexity of the job is, in part, determined by whether your past technology provider left you with the necessary documentation. Either way, we are here to help!

What is the largest project that Profound can support?

Profound has completed large-scale projects for many different industries. From huge office buildings with hundreds of conference rooms to top government network operations centers for the largest military and intelligence operations, we have managed large and complex projects for enterprise-level organizations. We have also completed home automation projects for some of the largest and most impressive estate homes in the world. Whatever the size of your project, we are equipped to handle it!

What products do you support?

Our expert team has certifications in the leading technologies of the AV industry, including Crestron, Extron, and Cisco. Read more about the technologies we support here.